It is impossible to meditate

because meditation is not

just another thing to do.

Meditation is the opposite of doing.

So how do you do something

which cannnot be done ?

Ask yourself this question:

"What is already happening in me

that is effortless ?"

because the easiest way to experience

complete conscious effortlessness

is to become aware

of what is already happening effortlessly

all of the time.

Choosing where to put your awareness

is the highest practice of intelligence.

This is true wisdom.

So we are very familiar with the results

of our attention always being focussed on

external objects and events

or internal thoughts and emotions

so what else is there ?

It is the body's breathing process

which is our gateway and anchor

to the state of joyful effortlessness

and this breathing process

will always lead us directly back

to the warm sense of aliveness

in our body

and to the subtle experience of peace

in our heart.

Our breath is the bridge

between the physical and spiritual worlds

so the more time we spend

being aware of our breathing

without trying to change or control it

and the more time we spend

actually feeling the physical pulse of life

moving within our heart and body

(especially in our hands)

the easier it becomes for us to enjoy

resting in our natural state

of effortless peace...

...the state of meditation.